Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's been going on ILLUSTRATED

So things have been a bit...problematic here.  So as my own form of therapy, I essentially wrote it down in a mini storybook style.
So what happened is that my hubby The one pictured on the left, got a job out in Baltimore, Maryland.  So we packed up and moved from Woodbury, MN out here.  He worked there for a brief while, and then discovered there were misunderstandings on both sides.  So the job fell through and like a pair of gypsies we're moving again, this time back to WI.
When we moved out to Maryland, we had someone else move our stuff.  It was expensive, but we thought it was worth it.  Now that we've only been able to spend 1 mos out here before having to pay out the nose to move back.  So this time we're moving everything back ourselves to save some money.  Thankfully my dad will drive the rental truck back (there's just no way I could drive that back through mountains.)
This is what I expect to be our drive through the mountains.  Dad cool as a cucumber, me being nervous but ok, hubby being freaked out in his Jeep.

So yeah, that's the light of things.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Parvo outbreak threatens to shut down rescue organization - National Dogs |

Parvo outbreak threatens to shut down rescue organization - National Dogs |

Please click the link above and read.

I'm sorry that I haven't posted as of late. It's not that there is nothing to post about, but actually a lot. I just can't justify a post about it right now until things are finalized. For those still reading this, thank you, and expect an update post soon.