Friday, September 30, 2011

Cake Cake Cake

Sorry I haven't posted all that much in a while.  These past two months I have been taking cake decorating classes and I have a bunch of stuff that I'm doing at the Muskego Moose Lodge.  I'll have to show you pics of what I'm putting together for their Halloween party, but that will be when I'm done.

Until then, enjoy pictures of cakes I've done.
Course 1's First Cake:

 Cake I did for my brother's birthday.  It's him in front of his Ford Probe. It was his senior pic that I worked from.

 Course 1's final.  I can't do a proper ribbon rose to save my life, but I can do excellent realism roses.  We could put whatever we wanted to on it, but had to write something.  Most wrote Happy Thursday.  I liked A Very Happy Unbirthday better.

 It was my brother's wedding anniversary at this point.  Mom decided to take cake decorating too, so I got her caught up on class (since she took the course back in '94 and'95).  We made identical cakes for my brother and his wife for their anniversary presents.  Mine is brown squiggles with white K's on top (our last names start with the letter K), hers were interlocking K's.


 One of my K's came unrolled.


My course 2 cake final:

Luckily for me my instructor took pictures with her smart phone before I headed off.  On the way home I nearly got into a car accident because of someone deciding last minute not to turn.  All the basket weave got shaken off  the sides from me slamming on the breaks and slumped to the bottom.

Oh well.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Sorry I haven't been updating all that often.  Life is hecktick, what else is new?

I'm still looking for a new job, my husband just lost his job (two unemployed adults again FTW! *sigh*), and I'm swiching from to .  Etsy has a bad habit of taking large chunks out of your profit, and zibbet is free.  So off I go!

Recent Commissions:

Here's hoping for some improvement soon!