Saturday, August 4, 2012

Flag Cake

My mother and I made a flag cake at her home.  It required one white cake with blueberries dyed blue and had a 4 inch core taken out, one white cake divided in half horizontally, and two red cakes (strawberries added) divided horizontally and one layer of that unused.  We assembled all the "junk" parts into a separate cake.  We covered it in store bought cream cheese frosting.  As you may notice, we had a lot of errors and honestly I can pick out 2 reasons why.

Reason one:  We made this at my mother's.  She doesn't have a cake leveler like I do but instead prefers to do what she was taught 15 ish years ago. She uses dental floss.  If you've had a ton of practice it is a good practice.  If you haven't done it in at least 5+ years... not so much.  So the levels were uneven to start with.  Then add the heat and humidity.  My mother has lived most of her life without air conditioning and had decided to forgo it that night.  Store bought cream cheese is used for its fluidity. Let's just say with the heat and the unevenness that the cake was unstable.  Still, I think I would try this again and use buttercream for the inner frosting parts to link the layers and use cream cheese for the outside.  I air condition my house regularly when dealing with hot humid days (I live on the second floor, it's kind of necessary.)  So I think I will make this again sometime and bring it to Mom.

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  1. Uneven who cares .....yummy yummy yummy. I want one. Have a great evening.
    Best wishes Molly