Saturday, September 22, 2012

Appa tutorial part 2

The "Donated Eyes" stare into your soul, and they are not happy...

So I am back.  I am sorry I took so long.

So out of the pattern pieces from the patterns mentioned in the last segment, you want these pieces plus the leg pieces. Cut two of the body pieces, 12 of the leg pieces, and 12 of the feet pieces.  Hold off on cutting the hat pieces for now.

Also, you are going to want to make a tail piece.  You are going to want it to be the width of the butt part of the body piece on the small end, and the width of the largest point of the body piece for the biggest end.  You want it to be just short of the length of the body piece when you are done.
When you cut out the fuzzy piece for the tail piece, put the non curved part on the fold so you have one continuous piece.  Do the same using the brown silky fabric for the underside of the tail.

I would make line stripes for the tail and belly shortly after cutting the pieces out.   I used brown fabric paint. This is the kind I typically use.

There are 2 potential methods for making lines on the tail.  One method is to use a straight edge and painting along the edge.  Otherwise, which is a better method, you can use the tape method.
Lay down parallel lines of tape for straight edge lines.  Make sure the groupings are equal distant apart.  Paint between the lines, wait for it to dry, and then peel the tape off.

To make the arrows on the tail, take the pattern piece that you used for a tail, cut a circle in the bulb area (I would suggest a bowl) and use a cookie sheet to make the lower arc.
Cut it in the same manner that you did the tail.

Lay the brown fur on the tail piece. Make sure the fur goes in the same direction.
 Pin the brown fur to the white fur.
 Flip it so fur side is up and sew the brown onto white fur.  You want the fur facing the air and not your sewing machine base because it is GOING TO CLOG IT!

This is how it should look once you have sewn it.

 Flip the fur to face the stripey side of the brown material and pin the edges together.
 If the edges stick out, you can trim them down, but it really does not matter because no one will see the excess.
Sew the pieces together, flip it right side out and you have a tail.

Tadaa you have a tail!  More to come.  I am sorry it is taking so long.

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