Sunday, September 23, 2012

Appa tutorial part 3

The Hat

First, cut out the main piece as shown on the hat pattern I linked you to.

Second, sew it as shown in the pattern.

 It should look like this when you are done sewing that tiny seam.  I would also suggest if you use the very shedding fur like I did, to sew around the edges. Otherwise, it will NEVER stop shedding.

Next, draw an arrow. Remember how thick the one was from your tail?  You want to make the arrows on the body a consistent thickness.  Draw your arrow to be that width.

 See the thickness?
 Pin the brown down and sew it down with the fur facing up.  (Remember, clogging your sewing machine SUCKS!)

Next we work on Appa's face.  Remember the brim part of the pattern given?  Trace it so that it is one continual piece and then make a slight divot for the lips.  Then give it a 1 inch band on top of it so that you can have a place for eyes.  I did this on self adhesive stiff felt so that I could adhere the correct shades of grey on it and have firmness without much extra bulk.

 Cut out your pieces.

Adhere to the appropriate colors.

Cut out separate nose piece.  I used the shiny foot material I bought for the feet and used the other semi suede looking side for the eye band.

Pop holes in the stiff face band you had made in the spots where you had indicated in your drawing. (P.S. this is why I left the lids on the eyes.  If you don't, the eyes seem to stare into your soul. Creepy!)

Make sure to hot glue the nose onto the muzzle.

Hot glue the eyes in on the inner side of the face band.
 Hot glue the face band to the main hat part, then hot glue the muzzle to the face band.  Do not worry if you accidentally derp the eyes. You can reheat the glue and realign them.
 Draw appropriate sized horns on a piece of paper.
 Notice the size comparison.

 Cut out horns from your stiff felt and appropriate colored not stiff felt.
 Adhere horns to stiff felt.  Remember what side the non hot glue is because you will want to have that side facing forward.

Hot glue them to the eye band.

The hat requires 3 bands. The main one you want to reach from ear to ear and under the chin.  You want it loose enough to not irritate, and tight enough that it won't fall off.
Feel free to hot glue that elastic on.
then you want a piece that goes from behind the horns to under the ear on your dog.  Do it on both sides.  Again, hot glue is fine.  I folded the elastic over so that it could handle a bit of torque.

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