Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sad Puppies and Heart Kitties

I am highly thankful for the people at that help when I write a random question asking post.
House hunting from far away is frustrating, but really what else is new?

Here is something new.
I finished the kitty cake topper for my friend's wedding.  No worries about it coming in contact with the cake though, she's having a desert bar instead of a cake.  So these two will just be keeping the desert company and watching for if you come back for seconds.
Those of you who watch may recognize this design.



  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. ;)

    Chin up; it'll all be over before you know it (from the girl who's moved a jillion times and lived to tell about it). The kitties are cute - I wouldn't know that kind of cat cuteness in my herd - they don't like each other much. :(

  2. Love the linework in your corgi art--if I could give corgi treats, I would!

    The cats are incredible and so detailed. What a lovely gift for such a beautiful occasion. Your friend must be ecstatic!

  3. Thank you! She saw a picture of it online and started squeeing. Another friend did the same. Somehow, I have acquired quite a few cat people friends.