Monday, February 7, 2011

What's up

  First of all, yay Packers! 
    I'm originally from Wisconsin, and although I'm not a huge football fan, it's nice to see that they won. I hung out at a friend's place for a Super Bowl party.  It was nice being in MN and wearing my Reggie White jersey without getting any flac.  I also did up my nails. :D
Yeah, Don't mind the bandaid and whatnot.  I'm a bit accident prone, hence the damaged hands.

   Anywho, I figure until I have a corgi to call my own, I figure I'll use this blog as a way to show what I'm up to, projects mostly, and the occasional recipe if I find something awesome.

   First of all, I took better pictures of the last batch of coasters that I made now that I have felt backing on them.
And then I made some more.

I also have some progress on the Aigis project I mentioned earlier.
She should look somewhat like this when done.

   Also, I have a new commission in the mix.  A friend of mine is going as "Ember Island Players" Ang and is having me make her a Momo puppet.
So I hope to turn this:
Into this:
It's the little brown and white guy on the shoulder of the little orange person.

    Aside from those projects, all that's going on is waiting and crossing fingers on potential jobs.


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